Isaiah Cole

Isaiah Cole

At the age of 11 years, Isaiah Cole received his Junior Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. His martial arts journey officially began at the age of 2 ½-years old, though he was attending class with his father, Robert Cole (4th Degree Black Belt), since he was an infant.

At the age of 3 he received his first yellow stripe for his white belt; he competed in his first tournament at the age of 3 1/2 –years, placing first in sparring. Since that time, with great dedication, determination, and desire, he has gone on to amass a long list of accomplishments, and hundreds of medals, some of which are listed:

• 2012 WKC World Silver Medalist in Continuous Sparring • 2012 WKC Canadian Championships 1st in Continuous Sparring; Medalist in Point Fighting and Traditional Form • 12 time Diamond Nationals Medalist with six 1st place titles • 4 time Provincial Grand Champion • Appointed as Team Captain of Team M.O.D, January 19, 2013.

His training includes learning to use various weapons, with his favourite being the bo staff and the sword, traditional Korean forms, continuous sparring and speed fighting. He has been featured in local and rural newspapers and on TV; he has participated in various team and individual martial arts demonstrations. Among invitations he has received, he has been invited to New York USA to train with renowned martial artists Jadi Tention and Ross Levine.

Isaiah also recognizes the importance of being a well-rounded individual. Not only has he achieved success in others sports such as football, basketball, etc., academically he has consistently received top grades in his classes and recently achieved some of the highest marks in a mathematics club. He has played the piano and enjoys drawing and public speaking. Participating in many volunteer efforts, in 2013 Isaiah was selected by his school division as a leader and mentor for students to go to that are struggling with issues such as bullying. Outside of school, he was also selected as a youth representative for the Provincial Governments 2013 annual Sunrise Memorial event that reflects on gender-based violence.

Isaiah knows that achieving your black belt is a symbol of what you have accomplished, and it is only the first step of many in living a life with a black belt mentality. Most importantly, Isaiah believes he should be a person of integrity in all areas of his life. He aspires to be the best he can be by being a person of honour, fairness, respect. Having an innate empathy for others is one of his most important qualities. “A gentle man with his sword his side.”

“We fall to the level of our training. Everyone wants to win, but not many will do what it takes to get there. Victory is for those that are willing to pay its price.” – Master Robert Cole (dad).

Isaiah Cole winning Gold Medal in Continuous Sparring at 2012 National World Karate Championships, Quebec Canada.

Team Canada 2012 Poster

Isaiah Cole representing Canada at the Opening Ceremonies of the International World Karate Championship, October 2012, Quebec.