Kharsun has been enthusiastic about martial arts since he first entered the gym in May 2009. For his 5th birthday he wanted to watch a taekwondo class to see if it was something he wanted to do. He enrolled as a student that very same day.

Five months into his training he competed in his first tournament, Diamond Nationals in Minneapolis. He was entered in two divisions. He won 1st place in sparring and 2nd place in traditional forms. Since then he has gained 5 more Diamond National Championships in point sparring, creative weapon form, traditional form, and musical weapon form.

Kharsun is consistently competing in the local Manitoba martial arts tournaments and usually finishing in the top 3 of his age divisions. He has received a grand championship for 17 years and under division and Athlete of the Day award for placing 1st in 4 different categories, labeling him as an all around martial artist.

Kharsun has won numerous provincial championships and has gone on to represent Manitoba well. At age 8 he competed for the first time at the 2012 WKC National championships in Montreal, Quebec, in point sparring and light contact sparring winning a bronze medal and a silver medal. He earned his spot on the team and went on to represent Canada at the WKC World championships. Kharsun received a bronze medal in point sparring for the 12 years and under, 25 kg weight division. In 2013, he represented Manitoba again at the WKC National championships where he dominated almost all the 12 and under divisions by taking 3rd in point sparring, 3rd in continuous sparring, 2nd in Korean form, 3rd in extreme weapons, 4th in creative weapons. Again qualifying him to represent Canada in Italy at WKC World's in every division he entered.

Kharsun is 9 years old now and is already a highly decorated martial artist. He displays a tremendous amount of discipline and maturity. He loves to compete but his favorite part is meeting new people and making new friends. Kharsun is never satisfied with being good when he knows he can be better and always strives to do his best.